West Virginia Regional Technology Park: Home to Innovation 

The West Virginia Regional Technology Park is a multi-tenant research facility with a commitment to innovation, technological advancement and education. The WVRTP is an ideal location for technology based companies interested in expansion, new businesses requiring research and laboratory space, and technology-based and research-oriented educational institutions.

Premier Laboratory and Office Space

  • Flexible laboratory space. 
    • Wet laboratory space 
    • Both finished and shell condition laboratory space is available.
  • Class A and Class B office space.
  • On-site Pilot Plant facilities. 
  • Prime undeveloped land is available for companies interested in expansion.
  • Specialized facilities and support to scale-up Chemical processes from bench-top to production scale.
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Abstract to Absolute 

The West Virginia Regional Technology Park is the ideal location to transform an abstract idea into a completed, market-ready project.  Starting with conveniently located office space and the capacity for state-of-the-art laboratory space, new concepts, technologies or systems can be created and refined. Through utilization of available scale-up pilot plants, continued research and testing can be conducted on-site. The WVRTP's ability to provide small-scale manufacturing capabilities allows for production that is both cost- and time-efficient. 

The opportunity to seamlessly transition from bench-top to production in one location increases the likelihood of success for both startups and established companies.

Benefits of the WVRTP

  • Access to world-renowned researchers and scientists in the chemical, energy and technology fields. 
  • Access to shared scientific equipment. 
  • Close proximity to a local, skilled, experienced and educated workforce.
  • 24/7 access to secure facilities and on-site facility management.
  • Conference and meeting room space available.