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Celebrating Service Milestones at the West Virginia Regional Technology Park!

Pictured, Left: Matt Ballard, Tech Park CEO/executive director congratulates Mary Darnell and JR King for 10+ years of service. Pictured, Right: Matt Ballard shares handshake with Tech Park team member James Duncan.


The West Virginia Regional Technology Park recently hosted a Service Awards celebration honoring the dedication and commitment of our incredible team members. From one year to an impressive 10+ years of service, every milestone marks a journey of hard work, growth and invaluable contributions to the Tech Park community.

"It's a privilege to acknowledge those who have reached significant milestones in their tenure with us," said Matt Ballard, WVRTP CEO/executive director, "Whether it's their first year or a decade of dedication, each milestone represents expertise, loyalty, and passion that helps grow innovation, science and technology at the Tech Park."

We extend congratulations to team members who reached service milestones this year. Here's to many more years of shared success and accomplishments ahead!

To learn more about the Tech Park team, visit


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