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Make sure you or your clients don't overlook these available spaces at WV Regional Technology Park

Building 754 at dusk
Building 754 at WV Regional Technology Park

Whether it's new construction on our existing sites or renovating our existing laboratory facilities, the West Virginia Regional Technology Park (WVRTP) stands ready to support laboratories, research, development, testing, innovation, and more.

Site Features

  • Redundant utilities help ensure reliability for our tenants and their critical work.

  • 24-hour site operations crew on duty 365 days per year.

  • Over 12 years without an OSHA Recordable injury or a lost time accident on campus

  • Professional technicians supporting tenants with electrical, plumbing, pipefitting, certification of lab hoods, and more.

  • Diverse and duplicative fiber network supplied by multiple internet service providers with speeds up to 100 gigabits.

Premier Lab Space in Building 740

White lab benches with black tops
Lab Space at Building 740

Building 740 features five stories of flexible laboratory space with 120 chemical work benches, walk-in coolers, a drive-in loading area, and offices and conference rooms. The West Virginia Regional Technology Park team resides in the building alongside tenants in research and development, genetic testing, toxicology, and other STEM-related businesses.

Build-to-suit at Building 770

Steel building exterior
Building 770 Exterior

Building 770 provides five stories of flexible laboratory, light industrial and office space prepped for a build-to-suit project. The facility received $12 million in critical infrastructure investments, including mitigating environmental hazards.

Building 2000’s move-in ready office space

Entrance to Building 200 with sidewalk and awning
Entrance to Building 2000 Cafe & Office Space

Building 2000 offers renovated Class A office and conference space with a prime location in South Charleston, West Virginia. There is approximately 7,500 sq. ft. of office space available on the third floor. Key features of the building include the Hendrickson Conference Center and Coal River Coffee Company, an on-campus cafe with tenants in higher education, technology business development firm and other STEM-based industries.

WVRTP's sites and buildings offer flexibility and versatility alongside a robust infrastructure to provide new and existing tenants with the assets vital to their success. Featuring 800,000 sq. ft. of specialized material science, research and other technology development space, the park is home to over 25 businesses and 1,000 jobs. WVRTP is committed to the continued growth of its multi-tenant park dedicated to research, innovation, technological advancement, and education. The 258-acre campus is ideal for STEM industries and institutions that diversify West Virginia's economy and drive business and economic growth.

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