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BLOG: Old Glory Flies Again With Help From WV Regional Technology Park’s Operations Team

This week, the West Virginia Regional Technology Park operations team repaired a pully on the flagpole on the upper half of the Tech Park, allowing us to fly Old Glory at the location for the first time since the pulley was damaged. The flag of the United States symbolizes unity,

freedom, justice, courage, patriotism, history and resilience, all aspects of American identity. It is a powerful symbol of the nation's history, values, and ongoing commitment to upholding the principles of democracy and liberty.

American Flag waving in the wind
Old Glory Flies at the West Virginia Regional Technology Park campus in South Charleston, WV.

Repairing the flagpole and raising Old Glory at the Park is just one example of our busy operations team's daily activities around the Tech Park. Projects like the flag pole repair or the recent sealing and painting of the upper parking lot at Building 740 are easily seen by all. However, much of the work they do in mechanical rooms, on top of roofs and in equipment rooms is less visible but equally as crucial to the progress and success of the Park and for each of our tenants and their employees. Their work results in the continuity of operations from reliable and redundant utilities.

Over the past three years, the Park has implemented a new preventative maintenance action system to ensure our shared business environment's long-term success, safety and efficiency. Preventive maintenance involves regular inspections, timely repairs, and planned maintenance activities to prevent equipment breakdowns and minimize unexpected downtime. Our team understands that our tenants' focus should be on their businesses while we focus on the Tech Park's facilities, infrastructure and grounds.

The Tech Park team is working diligently to grow the Park and the businesses that call this campus home. We understand that our success helps our city, county and State grow economically. The State of West Virginia recently announced it intends to build a new modern laboratory facility at the Tech Park for state lab operations. The labs of the state agencies perform essential work, and we welcome the labs and all their employees as they become part of our Tech Park community. With design and construction time, it will likely be several years before this project is complete. When completed, the finished product will feature a modern facility where the vital work of our state agency laboratory operations can perform efficiently and effectively.


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