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West Virginia Regional Technology Park hosts "Ethically-Powered AI" Panel Discussion

Digital Invitation for Tech Park AI Panel

The West Virginia Regional Technology Park and I79 Technology Park in partnership with Project Opportunity Move, will host "Ethically Powered AI," a panel discussion featuring three AI thought leaders with ties to West Virginia on August 12. You're invited to join this interactive discussion featuring key topics like:

  • Legislative Frameworks for Ethical AI: Navigating Policies and Regulations

  • Collaborative Solutions: Building bridges between lawmakers, business communities and educators to create an “AI-educated” workforce

  • Keeping a pulse on AI: How lawmakers, educators and the business community monitor and measure AI and its impact

Delegate Jarred Cannon will moderate the panel discussion and interactive Q&A. Delegate Cannon is an advocate for the thoughtful integration of AI into state policy and for advancing technology initiatives throughout West Virginia. He serves as Chairman of the Select Committee on Artificial Intelligence and Vice Chairman of the Committee on Technology and Infrastructure.

August 12 | Hendrickson Conference Center, South Charleston, WV

11:30 a.m. | Networking

Noon-1:30 p.m. | Luncheon, Panel and Q&A Session



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