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Science on a Sphere: A Unique Educational Experience Bringing Science to Life

Science on a Sphere®(SOS) at the West Virginia Regional Technology Park brings weather science to life and fosters a love for learning and exploration among students.

An Immersive STEM Education Tool

SOS is a unique educational tool developed by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). The spherical display system uses multiple projectors to showcase dynamic visualizations of Earth, its atmosphere, and other planetary data.

Tenant Collaboration, Engaging Programming and Outreach

With support and collaboration from Tech Park tenants like the National Weather Service and BridgeValley Community and Technical College, SOS quickly emerged as a popular education experience amongst local educators, from homeschool co-op coordinators to public school teachers.

Over 1,100 students and community members visited Science on a Sphere in 2023!

With over 600 SOS datasets to choose from, the National Weather Service and Tech Park teams developed a dynamic presentation that appeals to a wide variety of age groups. By incorporating real-time weather data and simulations, students explore the complexities of weather patterns, understand the science behind forecasting and witness the impact of extreme weather and climate change. After the SOS presentation concludes, students and visitors can apply what they've learned during a tour of the National Weather Service’s local forecast office.

WVRTP’s Science on a Sphere®(SOS) Education Program actively engages with local schools, to organize field trips. As the Tech Park’s education partner, BridgeValley Community and Technical College recruits local middle and high school students to attend SOS.  The goal is to inspire the next generation of innovators and problem-solvers by providing them with hands-on experiences, exposure to real-world challenges and various career paths.

How to Book a Science on a Sphere Outing

To book an outing to the West Virginia Regional Technology Park's Science on a Sphere® Display and National Weather Service Local Forecast Office, contact Jordan Ferrell, WVRTP Director of Communications and Park Programs at



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