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Tenant Spotlight: Univation™ Technologies

Univation™ Technologies, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dow, is a leading innovator in the polymer industry, providing advanced catalysts and process technology for polyethylene production.

One of the key factors that sets Univation™ Technologies apart is its commitment to sustainability. The company has developed several innovative technologies that enable its customers to produce polyethylene with lower carbon footprints. Univation™ 's technologies are designed to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, conserve resources, and minimize waste.

People picking up trash
In May 2023, Dow's West Virginia Operations (WVO) hosted the #PullingOurWeight waste clean-up event. Volunteers from Dow, Jacobs and PSC Group participated in the event and removed 1,575 lbs. of trash.

Another notable aspect of Univation™ Technologies is its focus on customer satisfaction. The company works closely with its customers to understand their specific needs and tailor its solutions accordingly. Univation™ 's team of experts provides ongoing support to ensure that its customers achieve the best possible results, from product development to commercialization.



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