About the West Virginia Research Technology Park

The West Virginia Regional Technology Park is a multi-tenant research facility with a commitment to innovation, technological advancement and education. The WVRTP is an ideal location for technology based companies interested in expansion, new businesses requiring research and laboratory space, and technology-based and research-oriented educational institutions.

The West Virginia Regional Technology Park is the ideal location to transform an abstract idea into a completed, market-ready project.  Starting with conveniently located office space and the capacity for state-of-the-art laboratory space, new concepts, technologies or systems can be created and refined. Through utilization of available scale-up pilot plants, continued research and testing can be conducted on-site. The WVRTP's ability to provide small-scale manufacturing capabilities allows for production that is both cost- and time-efficient. 

The opportunity to seamlessly transition from bench-top to production in one location increases the likelihood of success for both startups and established companies.

Located in South Charleston, West Virginia, the WVRTP has a rich history of innovation and is home to more than 30,000 patented discoveries, valued at approximately $18 billion. Spanning 258 acres with existing infrastructure comprised of 800,000 square feet of laboratories, chemical pilot plant facilities, engineering and data processing capabilities, the WVRTP enables companies to share and benefit from an established environment of discovery, innovation and success. 

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